Welcome to The Anti-Trafficking Independence Project!

We’re A.T.I.P. for short. Namely, Nelli and Elan. We are two college students with a joint dream of setting up a human trafficking non-profit organization. We aim to have our non-profit be a safe haven for all victims: males, females, and transgender people. We hope to establish a safe environment for these victims and we also want to help them by providing them with housing,  schooling, career opportunities and most importably emotional support.

In creating and establishing our non-profit, we’ll be sharing that journey on this blog to document that experience and reflect on it. Additionally, this blog serves as an outlet to share what we learn about human trafficking, its current news, and other relevant facts and information.

We do not identify as human trafficking experts, but rather as anti-trafficking advocates. Our focus is human trafficking in the United States. Moreover, we are not affiliated with any organizations; hence the “independence” component of our blog name. Opinions on this blog are purely our own.

We hope you’ll stick with us for the journey, or that you’ll check in from time to time. Please join us in dialogue with questions and comments. We are open to challenging our current opinions and broadening our perspectives. We would love to hear from you!

Feel free to contact us at: antitraffickip@gmail.com


Nelli is a Political Science & Women’s Gender Studies major at Pace University. Her origins hail from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She is passionate about women’s rights, social entrepreneurship, and the arts. Her passion for anti-trafficking initiatives developed in her senior year of high school, when she wrote her first paper on street prostitution. The research she conducted for that paper led her to discover how prostitutes easily became trafficking victims and how they are unjustly treated by the law. Since then, she has followed news trends on trafficking issues.


Elan is in his fifth year of college currently majoring in Public Accounting & International Management at Pace University. Originally from  New Jersey, he then moved to New York City for school. After stumbling about a few books about human trafficking it then occurred to him the need for advocacy and public awareness. Which lead him to meeting Nelli and helping to create this blog. Through this blog he hopes to learn more about the industry while also providing information about it too.

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